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Security Services

Services Provided

The J. Bowlin Security Company can handle all types of security services and promises to go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Around-the-clock coverage and reliable radio/cell phone communication are part of our services. Our guards undergo continuous training for low-light conditions and active shooter scenarios, in addition to tactical training that sets us apart from our competitors. Additionally, you will receive prompt delivery of vehicle logs, daily activity reports and incident records via our cloud-based reporting software.

Rest assured that your guard will safeguard your property with unwavering vigilance and integrity.

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Armed and Unarmed Guard Service
Armed & Unarmed Guards

We offer professional security officer services for an extensive variety of industries and applications in the Texas Hill Country. J Bowlin Security has reliable and responsive officers trained in modern security procedures and technology. Our security presence deters criminal activities and enforces safety procedures. We handle everything from short-term coverage for single-shifts, events, and long-term contracts for buildings and facilities.

Alarm Response
Alarm Response

We Respond to Unexpected Security Needs

Many emergency situations are impossible to predict – J. Bowlin takes pride in our ability to respond at a moments’ notice to ensure your safety and security. We offer a quick response time to provide the necessary personnel in such situations.

Alarm-system Fail?

We can have a security officer in place to stand guard while these systems are repaired.

Our highly trained security professionals operate with integrity and create a safe atmosphere. We guarantee to make any emergency situation safe and secure as rapidly as possible.

Vehicle Patrols for HOA
Parking Lot Security

We Add the Extra Level of Safety Needed to Make You Feel at Home

J. Bowlin Security tailors its services to match the needs of homeowners’ associations. Our priority is to protect the property and the homeowners – while also making everyone comfortable. We want to become a natural asset to the living space.

When we meet at your site to review your specific needs, we’ll consider various options to enhance safety at your property. J. Bowlin Security can support your property with any combination of standard security measures. We are always growing as a security team and available to support custom needs as it fits.

Commercial Properties
Commercial Security

We Combine Security and Technology for Commercial Property Managers.

Many individuals visit commercial properties daily, and it’s important that these individuals are kept safe, as well as company property. At J. Bowlin Security, our goal is to create a secure climate that protects the people and their property.

Whether you need us to blend in or stand out, we’ll adapt to your needs. J. Bowlin Security has highly-trained options to meet your company’s needs.

We would like to discuss your company’s specific security needs before getting started. This includes a review of the property and a tailored plan to ensure the highest level of protection.

Retail / Shopping Center Surveillance
Retail Security

Minimizing theft losses is crucial to the success of any retail store, proactive steps must be taken to reduce the risk of theft.

Security guards are prominent in any well-crafted loss prevention strategy. J. Bowlin Security’s team can provide an extra layer of defense that can significantly reduce criminal activity and minimize the effects of theft on your business’ bottom line.

J. Bowlin Security is an experienced security firm that provides local retailers with security guard services. We understand the threats your business faces every day — and what it takes to meet the challenge.

Private Parking Lot Security

J. Bowlin Security provides top-rated parking lot security guard services to ensure the safety of your customers and their vehicles. Our experienced guards are trained to handle any situation, and our commitment to excellence sets us apart from the competition. Call J. Bowlin Security for reliable and effective security solutions.

Personal Protection Officers (Bodyguards), Black Tie Events, Conferences, Private Parties
Personal Protection

J. Bowlin Security offers PPO services for anyone who feels threatened or has a concern about their personal safety. Whether it is for an event, when you are traveling, or even running errands, J. Bowlin Security officers will keep you safe.

All PPOs at J. Bowlin Security are highly trained, who will assess the security of situations, read people around you and provide counter-surveillance measures should that be necessary.

Mounted Security
Mounted Security

Mounted Security is the newest division of J Bowlin Security. Benefits of Mounted Security are: More commanding presence for better crowd control, better vantage point for the guard to watch the crowd and the surrounding environment, easier to move through a large crowds compared to a vehicle or on foot, faster than foot patrol, horses can also go places where vehicles can’t, it is carbon neutral, and a force multiplier in that one mounted guard is the equivalent of up to 10 guards on foot. It is also an awesome public relations tool for the client.

Our guards and horses both go through an extensive evaluation for certification. Certification is mandatory prior to being assigned to a post or shift. The horse and guard start with an evaluation to determine the skills and ability of both. The Horse and Rider have to perform certain maneuvers and skills and earn a minimum evaluation score of 90%. Those that do not earn 90% will have time to improve their skills and abilities through training. After receiving training the horse and guard have a chance to take the certification test again, once the certification test is passed with 90% then they can be assigned to posts and shifts.